Season’s greetings and Christmas markets…

Time does fly… Soon a month will have gone by since we had our first meeting in Thuin – Belgium. And in the meantime LIFE hasn’t stopped!

Soon students from each of the partner schools will be sending and getting Christmas postcards they have made for their colleagues.

But the Christmas’ spirit is not only about sending and getting lovely season’s greetings: everybody’s busy preparing other activities such as Christmas markets, for example, because we must soon bring our  “Upcycling Happiness from Rubbish” activity into LIFE! 🙂

In Portugal, the students are getting ready for a party that will take place on the 12th December at 9pm. Students are going to demonstrate some clothes and accessories made from recycled materials, but they are also going to play music, sing, dance, read poetry and even role-play a sketch they have written.

On the 16th December, which is the last day they have lessons before the Christmas break, the Portuguese students are having a Christmas market at school, where they are going to sell things made by them, namely sweets!