poland 1“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed that you did not do  what you could do . So throw off, leave a safe haven. Catch the  winds in your sails. Travel. Dream. Discover. “

~ Mark Twain

September 1 – I learned that I would fly to Portugal – the news was extraordinary. I could not believe it, that is would happen. My emotions from fear to the joy and excitement raged and did not give me sleep. With me went  Kinga Trochanowicz  and Michael Chełmniak , of course, our teachers Mrs. Ela Luczak and Mr. Janusz Olczak – Director.

On the night of 18 and 19 September at 03.05 we met at ourschool, from where the bus took us  to the airport in Berlin. There briefing went smoothly and soon thereafter  we boarded a plane to Brussels. In Brussels, waiting for the flight to Porto, we met our new friends from England. At first we were shy,  but fortunately it did not last long.

Porto welcomed us with hot sun and the streets full of people. We ate dinner and went to explore the beautiful  city. We could see wonderful, well-kept houses, where there were plenty of elegant patterns of mosaic on the fasades, and the breathtaking landscape. This was not the end of the exciting views. The road to Macedo de Cavaleiros etched in my memory the most. Endless curves and corners  were effectively  overshadowed  by the panorama of Portugal countryside. Everywhere are hills, valleys and their olive groves and fields of vines, the grapes are doing the best wines known and exported all over the world. About 19 hours we were there. Our family collected  me and we went  to their home. The first evening I spent with “my family”  at the festival   ending the vacation.

In the  center of town, you could hear  traditional Portuguese music,  which residents enjoyed a lot.

The first day at school was quite ordinary. Everyone simply went to their classroom, in which was waiting a teacher. Then we visited every place of the school. The building was large, with professionally equipped rooms. The gym was reallpoland 2y huge! After the school sightseeing, we went to an international lunch, at which participants from different countries  prepared  typical snacks from their countries. The school day passed in a relaxing atmosphere.

The next day was spent at the lake Azibo. There, our international  teachers prepared a surprise for us – singing us a song that they wrote themselves. The title ESBELENPOPOR contains the first letters of the names of the countries participating in the project. As it turned out, we had to learn not only to sing it , but also choreography to it. Joy and laughter was endless. Taking advantage of being together, we presented our national dances to each other.poland 3

Dominika Kowalska, Poland

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