Las week I went to Poland on an Erasmus trip. It was a really nice trip in which I met fantastic people and I did a lot of funny things. Erasmus is one of the best things that we can have during our student period.adrian&Lucas

In Poland the school system is different from the Spanish School system because in Poland they have to be one more year at the school than us. And also they start later the school, because they don´t go to school until they are six years old.

I would say to my peers and teachers that this project can give you the opportunity to meet people from other countries, to know new countries, new food and new languages…etc., it can give you the opportunity to meet a new life. I have met incredible people thanks to this project, not just my different hosts, who of course have been the best hosts I could have had; but apart from my hosts, I´ve met the rest of the hosts and their peers and also my host´s friends. Everybody who I´ve met was a fantastic person. I was treated really well in all exchanges I´ve participated in.

On Tuesday night, my host, a friend and I went to a pub to drink something. We spent a really good night; however, when we wanted to go back home, we missed the last bus, so we had to wait for one hour for the next train. It was midnight and it was so cold and windy. In spite of the fact that I was scared in this situation we arrived at home soon and we spent a really great night.

Cultures are really different because in Spain there is a better climate which is better to go out in the afternoon and to spend more time with your friends at the park or doing sport. However, in Poland it is colder, so the climate is not good to go out and Polish people rather stay at home. About the food, it was not as different as I thought. It is more different in specific kinds of food that they have during the different meals; for example, in Spain it is usual to have milk or coffee for breakfast with some toast or biscuits (at least in my house). On the other hand, in Poland it is normal to have salad with meat and tea for breakfast with some pieces of toast, too. But in Spain more than 70% of the people usually drink milk or coffee, not tea. For lunch and for dinner   it is more or less the same as in Spain.

Daily life is more or less the same as in Spain. Waking up at 7:00 am, starting lessons at 8:00 am, finishing lessons at 14:15…but  the afternoon is a little bit different because in Spain we are used to going out more often and we usually come back home later than in Poland.

adrian polonia bus

We managed to organize and work really well at least my host and I because we have a really close relationship and we both have a good and fluid English. With the rest of the students it was not as easy as I hoped because there were two guys from Belgium that were very shy and they had just studied English since September and we knew that´s really difficult.  At least we helped them not to be shy.

I am not afraid or worried about working abroad in a near future. This project helps me to develop and improve my English in case I decided to work in a different country where I would need good English.

To conclude, I´m grateful to have participated in this project and to have had the opportunity to know other cultures, to meet new friends and to do a lot of fantastic activities with fantastic people. And besides, this summer my Polish host will come to Spain to stay with me and my family!!!

Adrián García, Spain