My Diary in Szczecin, Poland

Hi!! My name is Gema, I´m sixteen years old and I´m going to speak about my Erasmus experience in Szczecin (Poland).

16th April

Today I have woken up at four in the morning; Adrian, the teachers and me took one taxi, two airplanes and one mini bus to arrive to Szczecin. The trip has lasted fourteen hours so when the family picked up me, I was excited to go home and relax.

At home, I have taken a shower before dinner; then we have spoken a lot about Poland and Spain. I have told them our politic situation in Spain, and they say that some years ago Poland had the same situation. My Polish family is so interested about Spain and they have asked me many things of our country.

Finally I´m going to sleep at half past seven. Today it has been a long day, but I feel so happy to be here in Szczecin.

17th April

This has been my second day in Poland and I have learned what young people do in their free time.

At breakfast I have eaten eggs with bacon, sausages and a salad. Normally in Spain I only take a glass of milk, so this morning I felt filled. I don´t understand how they can eat so much food so FB_IMG_1462659431070early.

Later Weronika (my host) and I have gone to the city center by foot. There we have met with the other guys and they have showed us their shopping centres and famous places. Polish boys are more gentlemanly than Spanish boys. I have seen that here in Szczecin people are not very affectionate with each other, they are colder than us.

At the shopping centre we have played bowling. All of them are so nice, and our hosts want us to do whatever we want.

Later we have gone home with the family; after dinner, Weronika´s father has asked me if I can help him to learn Spanish. So now I´m teaching Spanish to my Polish family.

18th April

Today is Monday so this morning we have gone to school at quarter to seven. We have taken a bus to Stargard, a famous Polish city where there is an art gallery. There a famous artist called Ryszard Balon has showed us his work, and we have learned how to do it. It has been fun because all of my partners have done a good job but mine was horrible!

Later, we visited the city with a tourist guide. She was funny and she told us the history about monuments and places from Stargard.

It has a square with colourful buildings which is very beautiful.

After the visit we went to a restaurant with amazing views to the river. The food was so good; while we were eating I taught some guys how to say a Spanish tongue twister, and did the same with me. Polish tongue twisters aren´t as funny as the Spanish ones _for me..

After that, when we arrived in Szczecin, Weronika, Karolina, Helena and I went to the shopping centre DSC_0489to buy some souvenirs and clothes.

When we arrived home I told the family about my experience. Before coming to Poland I thought that the city would be darker and more depressing than Spain, because of the weather. But now I think that it´s a really beautiful place, buildings are colourful, there are many gardens and everything is green.


19th April

This morning we have gone to school too. At first our hosts didn´t know what to do, I think they don´t have a very good organization. When Spanish students were hosts, we knew what to do at every moment and we spent more time together.

At school we have done the international lunch, Polish and Spanish foods were great!! After that we played some Polish games in the gym; we also learned how to dance polska, the typical dance. It´s been funny!!

In the afternoon we went to play laser quest, there were four groups and mine was the loser, as always.

Later we went to the shopping centre to take a coffee or fizzy drinks. Everybody was speaking and there was a nice atmosphere. All of them are amazing people and I like to talk with them about differences between our countries and what we have in common.

Helena (Portuguese girl) is one of my best frieIMG-20160508-WA0001nds here, with Toby, Karolina and Weronika. Théo and James (Belgium and British guys) are also my friends, they are shy and nice.


20th April

Today is my last day in Szczecin, I´m sad because I don´t want to come back to Spain. This morning Toby, Adrian, Karolina, Weronika and I have gone to the “escape room”. That´s a room where you have to find clues to open the trunk. It has been difficult for us and finally we weren’t able to open it.

After that we went to the hotel with our teachers, and there we have said goodbye. When we took the taxi to the airport, I felt sad.

This has been an amazing experience. My Polish family is so nice and I love and miss them. Weronika, my host, is great; we have many things in common. She says that we are sisters forever. I have met amazing people and I´m prIMG-20160508-WA0002oud to be their friend. My opinion about Szczecin is so good; food is curious but tasty, views are very beautiful and people are really nice with foreign guys. I would like to come back, and I’m sure that I’ll do it one day.


Gema Garcia 1ºA bachiller