Results of the Students’ Evaluation of the Whole Project

1 Has Erasmus+ made you more interested in learning foreign languages?


2 Has Erasmus+ changed your attitude towards ICT?


3 Has Erasmus+ helped you develop your Reading and writing skills?


4 All in all, has Erasmus+ increased your motivation towards studying in general?


5 Are you more aware of Europe with its different languages and regions?


6 Are you planning to visit any of the countries involved in the current Project in the future?


7 What has been best about the current Project for you personally?


8 Do you think being involved in the Project has developed your speaking and listening skills?


9 Which of the following adjectives best describes the Project?


10 Would you personally be interested in going to take part in a new project if possible? 


Results of the Teachers’ Evaluation Survey

QUESTION 1: The project work improved the communication within your school, creating collaborative links between different Departments:q1

QUESTION 2: The project helped generate a greater focus on team work and co-operation within the school as a whole:


QUESTION 3: The project work enhanced communication between the partner schools on a personal and institutional level:


QUESTION 4: You could implement the good practice shared between the European schools by seeing what others did:


QUESTION 5: Language skills are enriched and developed through this kind of project:


QUESTION 6: ICT skills were further developed through the project work.q6

QUESTION 7: You enriched your awareness of the European culture and values.


QUESTION 8: Project Management skills were further improved as a result of participating in this Project.


QUESTION 9:  Your motivation for taking part in new European projects was enhanced.