Results of the Students’ Evaluation of the Whole Project

1 Has Erasmus+ made you more interested in learning foreign languages?


2 Has Erasmus+ changed your attitude towards ICT?


3 Has Erasmus+ helped you develop your Reading and writing skills?


4 All in all, has Erasmus+ increased your motivation towards studying in general?


5 Are you more aware of Europe with its different languages and regions?


6 Are you planning to visit any of the countries involved in the current Project in the future?


7 What has been best about the current Project for you personally?


8 Do you think being involved in the Project has developed your speaking and listening skills?


9 Which of the following adjectives best describes the Project?


10 Would you personally be interested in going to take part in a new project if possible? 


Results of the Teachers’ Evaluation Survey

QUESTION 1: The project work improved the communication within your school, creating collaborative links between different Departments:q1

QUESTION 2: The project helped generate a greater focus on team work and co-operation within the school as a whole:


QUESTION 3: The project work enhanced communication between the partner schools on a personal and institutional level:


QUESTION 4: You could implement the good practice shared between the European schools by seeing what others did:


QUESTION 5: Language skills are enriched and developed through this kind of project:


QUESTION 6: ICT skills were further developed through the project work.q6

QUESTION 7: You enriched your awareness of the European culture and values.


QUESTION 8: Project Management skills were further improved as a result of participating in this Project.


QUESTION 9:  Your motivation for taking part in new European projects was enhanced.




Erasmus project- Poland April 2016 by James Wright

When I first took my letter home to my parents they were a bit worried about letting me go after all of the terrorist attacks that have recently happened, but I persuaded them to say yes as I really wanted to go. But I am so glad that I went – it was such a good experience; I wish I could do the project more often, even if there is a lot of work to do.

 On my first day I took in the beautiful scenery of Szczecin and as I walked around the city I noticed that the cars were driving on the wrong side (for me) of the road and the steering wheel was on the left side of the car. However, that is the road law there. Also I learnt that on the German motorways you can drive at whatever speed you want to and you will not get fined or pulled over by police.

 On my second day, the family took me out for ice cream; it was lovely, we were having a great discussion about the history of Szczecin and I got told that during the World War most of Szczecin got blown to pieces but one of the churches stayed standing. It was a little damaged and they had to repair some of the church but it was fine. The family then took me to the tower and I took a look all over Szczecin. It was beautiful. Later that day we went bowling as a whole group and I started to speak to everyone; they were all so kind and it was a joy to meet them and find out about what their normal routine for a school day is, although some did sound tough.

On the Monday we went to an art workshop. I did not have a clue what was going on, as the artist could not understand a word of English but it was fun and I got to look at what amazing art he had done. In the afternoon we went to a fancy restaurant and everyone had a nice meal, getting along with each other ever so well. In the evening my host and I went out to town with a Polish host, Kinga, and her Portuguese friend whom she was hosting. It was a lovely night and we got to see Szczecin all lit up. I got on really well with the girl from Portugal and her host.

The last day at Szczecin was probably the best day because we went to school and had a tour of it; it’s a very small school – 10x smaller than my school. I had a chance to play football with the Spanish guy and we played a lot of games like Vampires and musical chairs – it was a good day. After that, we had a massive European lunch where every country prepared a table with a lot of specialities from each country. Obviously England’s table was empty after as our food is so delicious. After that we had a school assembly and they prepared us a lovely cake to say good bye. And off we went to Laser Quest.  It took the woman a lot of time to explain the rules as there was a lot of translating to be done but once we got started it was really good and absolutely hilarious.

 The morning we had to leave was hard as I felt like one of the family and I felt the school had welcomed me just as if I was a student there. If I ever was able to go on the trip again, I would. I would love to host someone as I think it would be a great experience. Hopefully I will have the chance to do it again.

My trip to Poland for the Erasmus Project

My trip to Poland was really good. It was an adventure which made me feel more comfortable around people that I haven’t known my whole life.

The journey to Poland was better than I expected; the plane was very quick and it was funny with Mrs Campbell making funny comments about the speed of the plane, James making jokes, and also because it was calm due to minimal turbulence. We hired a two hour taxi from Berlin to Poland (Szczecin) which was really funny because we were all just chatting. The journey from Poland was much the same as on the way to Poland only everyone was tired, so we all slept for the two hours journey to Berlin airport.

My first impressions of Szczecin were that it is a beautiful city, full of old buildings, hardly any litter and a lot less cramped than Birmingham. However, I did think that it was a little strange that you could see the tram going through the middle of the street whist we were in the car driving. This is only because I’m not used to seeing this in Birmingham.

The best part of my trip has to be when all of the Erasmus students and their hosts went to the Laser Quest together. The 16 of us had to split ourselves into two teams to play in two different games. Team 1- included the Belgium Students and their hosts with the English Students and their hosts. Team 2- comprised the Spanish students with their hosts and the Portuguese students with their hosts. Once we had done that, we split into teams again to go against one another. It was the visitors against their hosts. It was so funny because it was pitch black and we were running around bumping into each other as we couldn’t see properly. The visitors lost in my game unfortunately.

The worst part of my trip was when my host and I had to go home early on the last day due to me being very ill and needing to go home and rest. Although, we did play board games and the x-box whilst in the house which made me feel a little better.

The activities I did were: Day 1 – we stayed in my hosts’ house so I could get to know the family.

Day 2 – My host and I went into the town centre to meet another host and the girl from Spain whom she was hosting. We met with one of the two hosts friends who wasn’t hosting but just wanted to come and meet us – which was nice. At 4pm we met with two more hosts and their students, one being James and his host and the other was the boy from Belgium and his host. Finally we met up with everyone from Erasmus and went bowling.

Day 3 – Everyone from Erasmus (including teachers) met up and went for an art class with a professional artist who was really interesting and fun. We went sight-seeing, and then we went to a very posh restaurant and had lunch. When we all split up from each other, my host & I together with Maria (Portuguese girl) and her host went shopping before going home.

Day 4 – We went to school & had an international lunch which was very interesting and all tasted great (what I could try anyway). Secondly, we went for a quiz, and then learnt a traditional Polish dance which was very funny and surprisingly joyful. Thirdly, we played some games until it was time to leave school. Fourthly, we went to laser quest. Finally I had to go home due to me feeling ill but my host played some games with me so that made me feel better about having to leave early.

Day 5 – I came home and slept a lot.

The similarities and differences of the school day are:

Similarities: My school and the school in Poland have; a gym, some lessons which are the same such as English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics etc…

Differences: In my school lessons last 1 hour each with no break in the middle. In Poland the lessons last 45 minutes with a 5 minute break between all of them. The Polish school is a lot smaller than my school. Lockers are available and they learn Latin in the Polish school.

The Polish food and drink that I tried all tasted very good. The drinks are not as sweet as ones in England which I believe was a little better. The food is very different, it tastes good but I do prefer the food I eat in Birmingham. There is a meal which my family wanted me to try but I really couldn’t: cows stomach soup!

The similarities and differences between Polish and English houses are:

Similarities: Both contain a bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, living room and garden.

Differences: Polish houses are a lot bigger than English houses. You never see two houses joined together in Poland and most houses in Poland have multiple bedrooms and multiple bathrooms.

Recognisable brands that I saw in Poland were: McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Zara, Pandora, New Look, Subway, H&M and Pizza Hut.

Phrases/ words I have learnt are; Tak – yes, nie – no, prosze – please, Pa – bye, czesc – hello and noc – night.

My final impressions of Poland are: Poland is gorgeous; everyone who I spoke to was welcoming and pleasant. I wish we could have stayed longer so that we could bond more with the other people from Erasmus. However, things are very spread out and the walking from place to place gave me blisters, I guess I must be one of those lazy Brummy that people talk about. I would happily take part in the Erasmus Project again if England the next project is accepted.


My Diary in Szczecin, Poland

Hi!! My name is Gema, I´m sixteen years old and I´m going to speak about my Erasmus experience in Szczecin (Poland).

16th April

Today I have woken up at four in the morning; Adrian, the teachers and me took one taxi, two airplanes and one mini bus to arrive to Szczecin. The trip has lasted fourteen hours so when the family picked up me, I was excited to go home and relax.

At home, I have taken a shower before dinner; then we have spoken a lot about Poland and Spain. I have told them our politic situation in Spain, and they say that some years ago Poland had the same situation. My Polish family is so interested about Spain and they have asked me many things of our country.

Finally I´m going to sleep at half past seven. Today it has been a long day, but I feel so happy to be here in Szczecin.

17th April

This has been my second day in Poland and I have learned what young people do in their free time.

At breakfast I have eaten eggs with bacon, sausages and a salad. Normally in Spain I only take a glass of milk, so this morning I felt filled. I don´t understand how they can eat so much food so FB_IMG_1462659431070early.

Later Weronika (my host) and I have gone to the city center by foot. There we have met with the other guys and they have showed us their shopping centres and famous places. Polish boys are more gentlemanly than Spanish boys. I have seen that here in Szczecin people are not very affectionate with each other, they are colder than us.

At the shopping centre we have played bowling. All of them are so nice, and our hosts want us to do whatever we want.

Later we have gone home with the family; after dinner, Weronika´s father has asked me if I can help him to learn Spanish. So now I´m teaching Spanish to my Polish family.

18th April

Today is Monday so this morning we have gone to school at quarter to seven. We have taken a bus to Stargard, a famous Polish city where there is an art gallery. There a famous artist called Ryszard Balon has showed us his work, and we have learned how to do it. It has been fun because all of my partners have done a good job but mine was horrible!

Later, we visited the city with a tourist guide. She was funny and she told us the history about monuments and places from Stargard.

It has a square with colourful buildings which is very beautiful.

After the visit we went to a restaurant with amazing views to the river. The food was so good; while we were eating I taught some guys how to say a Spanish tongue twister, and did the same with me. Polish tongue twisters aren´t as funny as the Spanish ones _for me..

After that, when we arrived in Szczecin, Weronika, Karolina, Helena and I went to the shopping centre DSC_0489to buy some souvenirs and clothes.

When we arrived home I told the family about my experience. Before coming to Poland I thought that the city would be darker and more depressing than Spain, because of the weather. But now I think that it´s a really beautiful place, buildings are colourful, there are many gardens and everything is green.


19th April

This morning we have gone to school too. At first our hosts didn´t know what to do, I think they don´t have a very good organization. When Spanish students were hosts, we knew what to do at every moment and we spent more time together.

At school we have done the international lunch, Polish and Spanish foods were great!! After that we played some Polish games in the gym; we also learned how to dance polska, the typical dance. It´s been funny!!

In the afternoon we went to play laser quest, there were four groups and mine was the loser, as always.

Later we went to the shopping centre to take a coffee or fizzy drinks. Everybody was speaking and there was a nice atmosphere. All of them are amazing people and I like to talk with them about differences between our countries and what we have in common.

Helena (Portuguese girl) is one of my best frieIMG-20160508-WA0001nds here, with Toby, Karolina and Weronika. Théo and James (Belgium and British guys) are also my friends, they are shy and nice.


20th April

Today is my last day in Szczecin, I´m sad because I don´t want to come back to Spain. This morning Toby, Adrian, Karolina, Weronika and I have gone to the “escape room”. That´s a room where you have to find clues to open the trunk. It has been difficult for us and finally we weren’t able to open it.

After that we went to the hotel with our teachers, and there we have said goodbye. When we took the taxi to the airport, I felt sad.

This has been an amazing experience. My Polish family is so nice and I love and miss them. Weronika, my host, is great; we have many things in common. She says that we are sisters forever. I have met amazing people and I´m prIMG-20160508-WA0002oud to be their friend. My opinion about Szczecin is so good; food is curious but tasty, views are very beautiful and people are really nice with foreign guys. I would like to come back, and I’m sure that I’ll do it one day.


Gema Garcia 1ºA bachiller


Las week I went to Poland on an Erasmus trip. It was a really nice trip in which I met fantastic people and I did a lot of funny things. Erasmus is one of the best things that we can have during our student period.adrian&Lucas

In Poland the school system is different from the Spanish School system because in Poland they have to be one more year at the school than us. And also they start later the school, because they don´t go to school until they are six years old.

I would say to my peers and teachers that this project can give you the opportunity to meet people from other countries, to know new countries, new food and new languages…etc., it can give you the opportunity to meet a new life. I have met incredible people thanks to this project, not just my different hosts, who of course have been the best hosts I could have had; but apart from my hosts, I´ve met the rest of the hosts and their peers and also my host´s friends. Everybody who I´ve met was a fantastic person. I was treated really well in all exchanges I´ve participated in.

On Tuesday night, my host, a friend and I went to a pub to drink something. We spent a really good night; however, when we wanted to go back home, we missed the last bus, so we had to wait for one hour for the next train. It was midnight and it was so cold and windy. In spite of the fact that I was scared in this situation we arrived at home soon and we spent a really great night.

Cultures are really different because in Spain there is a better climate which is better to go out in the afternoon and to spend more time with your friends at the park or doing sport. However, in Poland it is colder, so the climate is not good to go out and Polish people rather stay at home. About the food, it was not as different as I thought. It is more different in specific kinds of food that they have during the different meals; for example, in Spain it is usual to have milk or coffee for breakfast with some toast or biscuits (at least in my house). On the other hand, in Poland it is normal to have salad with meat and tea for breakfast with some pieces of toast, too. But in Spain more than 70% of the people usually drink milk or coffee, not tea. For lunch and for dinner   it is more or less the same as in Spain.

Daily life is more or less the same as in Spain. Waking up at 7:00 am, starting lessons at 8:00 am, finishing lessons at 14:15…but  the afternoon is a little bit different because in Spain we are used to going out more often and we usually come back home later than in Poland.

adrian polonia bus

We managed to organize and work really well at least my host and I because we have a really close relationship and we both have a good and fluid English. With the rest of the students it was not as easy as I hoped because there were two guys from Belgium that were very shy and they had just studied English since September and we knew that´s really difficult.  At least we helped them not to be shy.

I am not afraid or worried about working abroad in a near future. This project helps me to develop and improve my English in case I decided to work in a different country where I would need good English.

To conclude, I´m grateful to have participated in this project and to have had the opportunity to know other cultures, to meet new friends and to do a lot of fantastic activities with fantastic people. And besides, this summer my Polish host will come to Spain to stay with me and my family!!!

Adrián García, Spain


ERASMUS + “My Experience in England”

We left Spain on Saturday morning and we arrived in England in the afternoon. Courtney, my host, was very nice with me. We went to her grandmother’s house (because we slept there) and she introduced  me to her family. After that we went to have dinner with Imane, Sarah ( the Belgian girl) and Faye, their host, and then we went to the cinema to see ”The Fifpat2th Wave”.pat3

On Sunday we went to a snow park with her father where there was ice skating, snowboarding… I had never done something like that before but I enjoyed it a lot. After that we came back to her nan’s house.

On Monday w
e woke up at six o’clock because we had to take two buses! When we arrived at school we met the other exchange students for the international lunch. All the food was delicious, but personally I prefer Spanish food. Then we went with other English people to their classes because our hosts had a science test that took all the day. I went to P.E. and then I went to a Spanish lesson. Later, after school we went to the bowling alley and to the laser quiz all together, we had a great time. At the end we went to Faye’s house and we had dinner with them.

On Tuesday I went to Startford with the other exchange students, our hosts didn´t go there. There we saw the city and then we went to have lunch. When we came back to school we met our hosts. We were very sad because that was the last time that we were going to be together because in the afternoon we wentpat 1 to different places with our hosts. We said goodbye to them. Then my host and I went to the Bullring with Imane, Sarah and Faye. We bought presents for our family and friends.  After that we came back to her grandmother’s house and her boyfriend invited us to have dinner in the KFC. At the end of the day we watched a horror film in her house and ate a cake made by her grandmother.

Wednesday was our last day in England, the Polish and the Portuguese weren´t there because they had to leave a day before. I went to my host’s classes. We had to leave the school at lunch time and we were very hungry, we took a bus with the Belgian students, their teachers and our teachers. When we arrived to the airport we had lunch. We took the plane at six o´clock more or less and we arrived in Spain in the evening.

                                                               Patricia Teruel



On Saturday, we took the flight and it was my first time to get on a plane, so I was really scared, but after a while, I calmed down. When we arrived, we went to wait for the English hosts, Patricia´s host came at the moment but mine took a while to arrive. Mine is called Faye and she had taken also a Belgian one who´s called Sarah, at first sight I found them really nice. We went to her house and it was pretty big and beautiful. The most surprising thing is that she has eight cats! We immediately changed our clothes because we were going to the cinema. First, we went to eat pizza and after that we went to see “The Fifth Wave” which is a film about an alien invasion, I really loved the film. After that we went back home and I was so tired, so I quickly fell asleep.

On Sunday we went to town with some of Faye´s friends, they´re all so funny and we enjoyed the day together. We also went to the “Bullring” which is a huge shopping centre and I bought some CD´s from there. We also went to the canals and I took a lot of photos, it´s amazing. At night, we watched “Scream” which is a scary film, I´m afraid of horror films but Faye and Sarah love them, I was screaming all the time and they were laughing at me. They liked it a lot, I did not like it that much, lol!

The Spanish students being interviewed by two British ones

On Monday we went to her school, it´s so big and all the students must wear uniforms, something that I hate so much because I can´t stand them. I finally met Patricia, I hadn´t seen her since Saturday, and she told me that on Sunday they went skiing in the snow, I wanted to go there so badly :´(. We went to the “Bullring” again with Patricia, Courtney, Sarah, Faye and me. I bought three perfumes for 24£ from “Victoria´s Secret” but, at the airport I couldn´t bring them to Spain with me because they exceeded 100ml.

On Tuesday we went to school in the morning and when it finished we went to the bowling alley and then to the laser games. We had dinner for the first time in Faye´s house and we ate spaghetti, Patricia and Courtney came with us to have dinner too. When they went back home, we went upstairs and we watched “Scream 2” but I couldn´t finish it because I got really scared and Faye changed the film to “Scary Movie” which is a parody of “Scream”.

On Wednesday we went to Stratford, where Shakespeare was born, I thought that we were going to visit his house but we walked through the town and it was better and funnier. Sarah bought some soaps and bath salts for her family but her best friend Thomas didn´t buy anything. We had lunch in a restaurant and we ate burgers, chips and nachos, it was really delicious. In the afternoon, we said “goodbye” to all with a lot of kisses and hugs and we all promised that we were going to see each other someday again. We went back to the airport and we took the flight at half past five more or less, we arrived in Spain at nine o´clock.

It was a great experience and I had a lot of good and unforgettable moments. I’m sure I’ll forget the strange ones. In general, I had good moments and I enjoyed travelling to England and visiting Birmingham, I found it a lovely town

the Spanish and Belgian students with some of the British hosts




Erasmus+ Exchange Review – Host

As an existing participant of the Erasmus+ programme this recent exchange trip, with me being the host was very enjoyable as it was different from the previous exchanges.  This time, the students visiting were from multiple countries rather than all being one nationality like the previous Spanish exchange we had had. However, I must say that this exchange was the best and a really enjoyable experience for me and just as much for the visitors, I am sure. During the visit we all learnt a lot about one another’s nationalities and cultures; for instance I myself learnt about the national symbol of Portugal – The Rooster of Barcelos which I received as a gift from my visiting student. (see image)


Throughout the week we all took part in various activities around the school such as arts & craft and also the students were given the opportunity to visit Birmingham as well as travelling to Stratford-Upon-Avon for a day trip, which sadly, I could not take part in. The students arrived on the Friday and Saturday all at varying times, this meant that we were able to spend the weekend with our students to do any activity of our choosing.  We also did activities after school like bowling and going out to restaurants such as pizza hut. A group of hosts and me met on several days with our students.   On one of the days, we took our students around the town centre to shop and to take pictures to remember their visit to Birmingham. We all enjoyed being together very much!


After we had got to know one another we realised that my new found friend and I had a lot in common, we shared a few interests such as music and films which resulted in us being able to get along easier. We had grown close to one another by the end of the trip and we were sad to have to leave one another.  However, I am certain that we will be seeing one another in the very near future. The Erasmus+ programme has blessed me with new friendships, an insight on foreign European cultures and has boosted my language skills, all of which I am very grateful for and would gladly repeat.